Posted on 19-Nov-2020

Florence HVAC Experts

Autumn HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Any homeowner who wants to be cozy during the winter is probably scrambling by now to get their Florence HVAC in working order. Early to mid-autumn is the perfect time to prepare your HVAC unit for winter. This is because things get busier when winter finally arrives. Also, the autumn weather is perfect for household maintenance tasks. It would make sense to make sure your HVAC is properly working while you can still freely move around without being too busy about everything else. If you haven’t completed your maintenance checklist yet, this article will help you out.
Tips on maintaining your HVAC this fall
Clean and clear the area surrounding the heat pump – if you haven’t paid much attention to your outside unit all year long, it’s time to give clean the area around it. Your outside unit will not work optimally if there is debris, brush, and other items that could block it. Make sure that your heat pump is working normally. If you haven’t had it checked in a long time, you might want to call your HVAC technician to have it inspected just in case.
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