Posted on 02-Oct-2020

Florence HVAC Experts

Florence HVAC Guide on Stormproofing Your Air Conditioner

The climate in Florence can reach about 78F during the summer while it gets about 46 inches of rain, on average, per year. While you cannot avoid strong storms in Florence, you have several options to ensure you protect your air conditioner (AC) and other appliance from significant damage. The best step to take is to have regular HVAC maintenance to avoid further damage.
Steps in Stormproofing Your Air Conditioner
Cover Your Air Conditioning Unit
Florence HVAC experts do not advocate covering an air conditioner or heat pump for extended periods of time because the unit might develop rust and mold. However, we do favor covering it up prior to a large storm hits, such as a typhoon.
Cover it with a water-resistant tarp that is held in place by sandbags. This will keep particles and scared animals out of the unit. This also provides some security against hail, which we could see with tornadic activity. As soon as the storm has passed, remove your tarpaulin. Leaving it on throughout humid conditions, especially if your electricity is out and the system isn’t really running, might welcome mold and rust.
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